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Questionnaires from あるてぃすと

(Recruitment period: Until December 20th)

NEW contemporary dance piece


by dance company



"Giving" project 

~ Sharing positive energy with an art project!! ~

What is the "giving project?"


The creators, based in Niigata, Japan are starting the creation of a dance piece based around the theme "Giving".

In this work, we are trying to get as many people to be involved in the process of creation as possible. 


We are looking for over 100 people to be involved. 


It's very easy!!!


All you have to do is answer the question below.

Then each creator will select 6 answers from the answers given and then will try to reflect them in choreography, costume design, space design, and production.


”In your life, what have you felt happy to give or be given?"

(* Please fill in the input form and send it)

【Project details】

Organizer: 生きる舞踊団NEphRiTE(Takayoshi Tsuchida, Aika Tsuchida)

Title of the piece: "giving"

Dancer: Asako Tanaka, Natsuko Fuji, Kohei Fujimura, Yuya,

         Takayoshi Tsuchida, Aika Tsuchida

Musician: 三日満月 (Mikka Mangetsu) (Mayu Gontou, Kimiya Sato)

Costume: UTOPIA (Yuto Sato)

Art: EOS by (Keisuke Sekimoto)stage property

   Hygge Plant shop (Toru Yoshii)biophilic designer

【Scheduled performance】

・ Niigata Public Rehearsal Shooting

​     (January 17, 2021 @ Hygge Plant shop 2nd floor )(※)

New National Theater Tokyo (January 26, 27, 2021)

・Movie streaming (February 2021)(※)

​(※)Niigata Prefectural Cultural Foundation Grant Program

Question form

In your life,

what have you felt happy to give or be given?

【Questionnaire benefits】

<Gift from our team>

If you answer, we would love to share with you the behind-the-scenes making and creating via secret links through the Web.

We will share the link by Instagram and LINE official account.


Please answer and follow our Instagram.


LINE official



  • Instagram




We hope many people feel closer to Japanese art situation.


This is an attempt to create a community, with you, for the artists.

We hope that this project will bring more

positive energy to the world.




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